Beyond Reliable

Creating reliable systems is at the core of our approach.

For years, companies have been promising incredible smart space technology, but the reality has fallen short.  We've heard the refrain for years: why bother putting in this much technology in your space if it's not as reliable as the basic solutions that they replace?

We create "beyond reliable" solutions. Our secret is not just selecting the right products from the right vendor – it's creating systems that are redundant and resilient against failure, like spaceships that have to travel for decades without a pit stop. In fact, our methodology comes directly from the discipline of Systems Engineering at MIT, also known as "Rocket Science."

The Essence of Pleasance

Lutron's 60-year history began with the creation of the first solid-state dimmer, an innovation that foretold the progression of lighting control technology into the digital age. Today, digital circuitry is in the heart of environmental control, with Lutron's motors and control systems in some of the most innovative buildings in the world.

The Shanghai Tower, Guggenheim Museum, and Windsor Castle all have Lutron environmental controls.  Lutron provides complete lighting control with any interface–keypad, tablet, mobile phone, and even voice. They also provide the quietest, most accurate digital motor for shades in the industry, used in residential and commercial projects throughout the world where the details matter.

Nordic Smart Spaces is Lutron's chosen partner for distribution and support in Iceland.

Premium Home Automation

Soon after Savant was founded in 2005 came the iPhone.  That timing was more than just coincidence.  Savant founder Bob Madonna saw that the future of home automation was in combining budding mobile technology with innovative software to control the most luxurious properties in the world.  Fast forward to today, and Savant's forward-looking view is evident more than ever.  One of the leaders of the movement towards 4K Video over IP in the home, Savant's technologies will enable a new generation of whole-home audio and video solutions, not just for high end residential, but for large scale apartment buildings and hotels.

Nordic Smart Spaces is the exclusive distributor for Savant in Iceland.