Create exceptional experiences in your own home

From smart lighting and shades to AV and security, smart space automation unlocks the potential of your home to its fullest. By working directly with you and your architect and/or designer, Nordic Smart Spaces helps to transform your space into a place where unique technology experiences happen that improve your life. Thanks to trusted technologies from our home automation partners, every piece of technology in your home can be brought together under one integrated system that is both reliable and intuitive. 


Harness the power of your home’s lighting. Smart lighting controls allow you to set personalized scenes for any mood or activity. Whether you’re throwing a lively party or winding down with a book for a quiet evening in, your home’s lighting can transform to meet the occasion. Set specific lighting schedules to wake you up each morning, or illuminate your home when you’re away to give the impression of occupancy. With LED lighting controls that can change color, warmth, and strength, there’s no limit to the creativity you can bring to your home. 


Let the natural light of the sun wake you each morning with automation schedules for your shades or blinds. Close your shades each evening with the touch of a button or voice command to bring privacy to your home. Automatic roller shades open or close in response to your commands, or a set schedule. They can integrate with your home’s lighting to block out sunlight, insulate from the cold, and more all while reducing your energy consumption.


From speakers hidden inside walls to acoustic treatments that are as stunning as they are effective, our team of acoustic experts evaluate and optimize the acoustics of your entire home, so you can enjoy audio the way it was meant to be heard. We help you gain complete control of your home’s audio and visual technology by integrating the latest in AV from Savant, Amina, LG, and more so that you can enjoy your home and its entertainment features to the fullest. Looking for a true cinematic experience? Our home theater installations feature high resolution video, and impeccable sound quality so immersive, you’ll never want to go to the local cinema again. 


The most important aspect of any home is how safe you feel. Our security offerings integrate with your smart home ecosystem so you retain control over your home and it’s access no matter where you are in the world. Security cameras and access controls allow you to see who is attempting to enter your home and let you grant or deny access, all from a single app on your phone. With different ways to access your home like facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or RFID cards, your security is as customizable as any other aspect of your smart home. 

Our security offerings go beyond just physical security. Our smart home support services feature continuous monitoring, keeping your home safe from digital attackers.