Smart Apartments in Reykjavik’s Harbor District

Located in Reykjavik’s historic Old Harbor, Austurhöfn offers more than 70 classically designed smart apartments. Featuring sweeping views of the bay and the center of Iceland’s capital city, Austurhöfn sets a new standard of luxury living. In 2019, we were approached to establish smart technology solutions for these new luxury condominiums. What occurred was an exciting collaboration between multiple teams spanning across the US, UK, and Iceland to provide a myriad of smart apartment packages and options for potential buyers.

Introducing Smart Technology into Homes

By choosing an Austurhöfn apartment, you are also choosing proven smart home technologies. Each home at Austurhöfn comes with a base package that includes lighting control, smart thermostats, a smart host, and 2N access control. Carefully selected by our home automation experts here at Nordic Smart Spaces, this contains the essentials for anyone new to smart space technology.

While this is an excellent start for any homeowner, it barely scratches the surface of the possibilities smart technology can bring to your home. The challenge that arose was how to create technology solutions that appealed to the diverse needs and lifestyles of potential homeowners.

Customizable Packages for Every Homeowner

To solve this challenge, we created custom packages at each level (Plus, Premium, and Bespoke.) Each package represents a different tier of smart home integration. Each one is carefully selected by our smart technology experts to incorporate audio, visual, lighting, shades, and security.

While every package delivers a different integration level, the ability to customize each package is where this solution shines. For audiophiles who aren’t ready to upgrade to the next package tier, specific audio upgrades exist within their given package. Allowing them to bring to life the aspect of technology they are most passionate about.

Upplýsingar um snjallheimilislausn

Base Package

  • Lutron Smart Lighting Control
  • Savant Smart Thermostats
  • Savant Smart Host
  • 2N Access Control
  • Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Plus Package

The Plus Package includes everything seen in the Base Package with the addition of:

  • Savant Universal Remote
  • Lutron Custom Wireless Shades
  • In-Ceiling Bose Speakers

Premium Package

The Premium Package includes everything seen in the Plus Package with the addition of:

  • Lutron Custom Motorised Shades
  • Laser-engraved Lutron Palladiom Keypad
  • Savant Soundbar for Main TV

Beyond these curated packages, Nordic Smart Spaces offers a Bespoke Package. We’ll work directly with you to create a smart home that perfectly fits your lifestyle and unique needs with solutions from Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Amina, Lutron, and more!

A Myriad of Options

With customization options spanning audio, visual, lighting, shades, and security, the possibilities offered can be overwhelming for someone new to smart home automation. Faced with this challenge, our team needed to create a way to present the Smart Home packages available at Austurhöfn. 

An Award-Winning Brochure to Guide Home Buyers

Our design team worked in collaboration with our product experts to develop a Prism award-winning brochure. Its main purpose was to demonstrate the full customization options and benefits of smart home living to potential owners. Inspiration for this brochure came from luxury car specification books, which present a myriad of both technical and aesthetic options in a clear format for technical and non-technical audiences alike. The Austurhöfn Smart Home Specification and Price Guide features 28 pages of beautiful imagery. Most importantly, it provides details for every package available and highlights the incredible capabilities smart home technology unlocks in your home.

Interested in Smart Apartments?

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