A smart home is more than a combination of lighting, AV, climate control, and security. It is the place where technology experiences happen that are unique to every user. In the case of this transformed garage, that unforgettable experience comes in the form of an entertainment hub for the entire family. This space includes a golf simulator, home theatre, and game room. Instead of just a space to store cars, the owner and architect re-envisioned the traditional garage as a space for the entire family to enjoy.

Somewhere for the Family to Enjoy

It features a Foresight GCHawk golf simulator, Optoma UHZ65 projector, integrated Lutron lighting control, Savant home automation, TDG Audio surround-sound, and NSS-created custom LED fixtures. This garage unit became more than just a place to practice your swing. It became a multi-purpose media room designed for the owner’s entire family to enjoy. Everything from movie nights to intense ping-pong matches (the owner is an avid player himself) happens in this fully integrated space.

  • Specifics

    • Lighting Control

    • AV

    • Support

  • Specifics

    • Foresight GCHawk Golf Simulator
    • Lutron Homeworks QS system for integrated control throughout the space
    • Customized Lutron Palladiom Keypads in colors to match various finishes
    • Lutron Occupancy Sensor for automated control
    • Savant 4K UHD Video Output IP Receiver for advanced video processing
    • Savant Pro Remotes to control lighting and AV
    • Wever & Ducre LED lights
    • TDG Audio In-Wall LCR Speakers
    • TDG Skybar LCR Architectural Soundbar
    • Amina ALF120 Invisible Subwoofer
    • Optoma UHZ65 4K Ultra High-Definition Projector
    • Arcam AVR390 AV Receiver
  • Partners

    • Amina
    • Arcam
    • Foresight
    • Lutron
    • Savant
    • TDG
    • Wever & Ducre
  • “At first, we didn’t know what we were going to do with the space. Once we finally settled on something and had the architect do some drawings, it became clear that TSP was the best fit for this project.”

    Home owner, Skuggi Media Room

Designing a Media Room

For many car enthusiasts, a 2,100 square foot garage would be a dream location to store your nicest cars. For the owner of this unit, the garage was an everyday space with untapped potential. The architect, Bjorn Skaptason, and Nordic Smart Spaces were faced with the challenge of creating a space that highlighted the owner’s passions while at the same time following the same design narrative as his penthouse apartment, declared the “Best Apartment in Iceland” in 2015 by Icelandic Magazine Hús Og Híbýli.

An Immersive Golfing Experience

What resulted from this challenge is a garage unit that is anything but your typical garage.

The CGHawk golf simulator was a keystone piece of technology in the space. This allows the owner to enjoy his biggest passion, even in Iceland’s frigid winters. The advanced object-tracking capabilities and stunning 4k resolution provide an immersive experience to practice your swing. Adding to the immersive experience is an Optoma UHZ65 High-Definition projector that provides a stunning 4K resolution and delivers breathtaking picture quality.

Perfect Surround Sound

To complete the scene, Nordic Smart Spaces brought TDG Audio to the space with 6 in-wall LCR speakers and a Skybar LCR architectural soundbar. These surround sound speakers pair with an Arcam AVR390 receiver, which provides DIRAC acoustic calibration. This perfects the sound using a patented measurement technique. With total visual and audio immersion, you really feel like you’re hitting the links on a bright sunny day in the comfort of your own home.

A Media Room Design that brings Complete Automation

Beyond the ability to golf any time of the year, the garage space also provides fully automated scenes for any situation. At the touch of a button, the lighting dims, and the projector shifts to cinema mode, allowing the entire family to enjoy a movie night together. A simple voice command shifts the lights to full brightness when the owner rolls out the game table for a rousing game of ping pong (another hobby the entire family enjoys together.)

A Lutron Homeworks QS system serves as the backbone for the space’s integrated controls, which features customized Palladiom keypads, Savant automation controls, and Wever & Ducre LED lighting. By seamlessly integrating all of these products into an integrated control system, we were able to repurpose this garage space into an enjoyable and flexible area.

  • “It’s really the best looking garage you’ve ever seen. It’s not even just a garage, it’s a 2,000 square-foot man cave. My family are avid golfers, and ping pong is one of my favorite activities. We also have access to television, so it’s actually turned into a space that a lot of people are enjoying.”

    Owner, Skuggi Media Room

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