A custom approach for a complex space

In 2016, we were approached by Accel Partners – a venture capital titan best known as Facebook’s first major investor – to design and install a comprehensive conference room audio video system for its new European headquarters in London. The system needed to include video conferencing capabilities across three different meeting rooms, Sonos audio, and video setups in the library and office fitness center.

  • Services

    • Video Conferencing

    • Audio

    • Support

  • Specifics

    • Sound design for 11,000 sq foot top floor space with roof garden
    • Office-wide Savant AV controls
    • Amina Invisible Speakers
    • Office-wide Sonos streaming
    • Samsung TVs (95″ model for the boardroom)
    • Revolabs wireless microphones
    • Tesira Forte DSPs for acoustic tuning
  • Partners

    • Amina
    • Biamp
    • Revolabs
    • Samsung
    • Savant
    • Sonos

Our team had to manage multiple complexities in designing Accel’s solution. Heavy use of glass and steel in the new office’s design had produced a dramatic, stunning space, but created significant acoustic challenges. And, aesthetic considerations limited options for speaker and conference room microphone placement.

Nordic Smart Spaces worked closely with Accels IT manager in London, sharing documents and dialogue about equipment specifications for video conferencing and strategies around integrating AV equipment from Accel’s previous office into the new system. To boost adoption and foster a seamless working environment, we also created a custom interface that allows anyone in the office – from admins to executives – to use meeting rooms.

A model of constant evolution

The Accel project required us to be flexible, creative, and responsive through every stage of the engagement process. We spent extra time researching products that would deliver superior quality despite the space’s challenging acoustics and worked with Accel to further refine audio quality by tweaking the microphones and audio processing.

We continue working with Accel today, finding new ways to enhance their conference room audio video system. Case in point: when the company recently switched its video conference provider, we worked remotely to update key systems so that they would work seamlessly with the new provider.

Creating new ways to collaborate

Our work has helped Accel seek and identify the next generation of stratospheric startups by creating new ways for its people to engage with groundbreaking global organizations shaping tomorrow’s technology landscape. Accel’s fully integrated AV capabilities enable team members in London to collaborate more closely with counterparts in the company’s Palo Alto and Tel Aviv offices and to seamlessly participate in far-flung investor meetings from three wired conference rooms. To see another conference room AV case study, check out ‘Maximum Minimalism’

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