The future of property development

Luxury homes, condos, and modern apartment complexes highlight the future of property development and smart home automation systems. These buildings need to appeal to the varied lifestyles and needs of diverse clientele, pushing the boundaries of functionality and design. Incorporating robust networks, modern AV capabilities, and integrated smart space controls throughout the entire building, developers can ensure their tenants are not only comfortable but love where they live. 


Our real-world experience spans from luxury apartments in the heart of Reykjavik to seaside villas. We work directly with developers to focus on lowering cost, reducing complexity, and improving the experience for both developers and tenants alike. Visit our process page to learn more about our approach and how we partner with architects, designers, and more. 


Our solutions are designed for everything from the smallest homes to the largest commercial buildings. By partnering with local firms, we can tackle any job no matter the scale or scope. Our solutions go beyond simple DIY products. We configure hundreds, sometimes thousands, of products at a time and tie them together under one integrated system that is easy-to-use and backed by our award-winning support services.


Every smart space is as unique as the person who occupies it. To accommodate every individual’s needs, our projects are incredibly customizable and fit the specific preferences of each person. This can be seen most clearly in Austurhofn. These luxury apartments in the heart of Reykjavik feature a base smart home package that can be expanded upon, and customized to each owners needs and lifestyle. 

Cost Saving

As part of our Design, Build, Support process, we consider smart features and technology early in the design process. This helps to drastically reduce implementation costs as considerations for wiring, installation locations, and future-proofing are taken into account as part of the build, rather than afterward. Technology is frequently part of the total owner/tenant experience and is more affordable the earlier it’s considered.

Services for Commercial Projects

Lighting, shades, security, and the internet all come together to deliver a smart building that fits the various needs of you and your tenants. 

  • Door Entry

    Door Entry

    RFID cards, passcodes, fingerprint scanners and facial recognition allow you to allow or deny access to your building the way you prefer.
  • Security


    Ensure your building is secure both digitally and physically. Protect your space from unwanted visitors and keep an eye on everything, from anywhere.
  • Network Design

    Network Design

    Supporting public and private WiFi, AV routing, and security systems, we design your network to support all of your needs and protect you against cyberattacks.
  • Audio / Video

    Audio / Video

    Smart TVs and hidden speakers highlight AV solutions that bring an immersive experience to any public or private space.
  • Lighting


    Smart lighting control brings limitless possibilities to illuminate your building, controlling every light through a single, intuitive system.
  • Window Treatments

    Window Treatments

    Integrating with lighting and climate controls, automated shades bring luxury and convenience to your buildings' public spaces and your tenant's lives.


No project quite encapsulates our developer solutions like Austurhofn. Located in Reykjavik’s harbor district, Austurhofn is changing the standards for luxury living. With more than 70 units, every condo features a base smart home package able to be fully customized to meet each owner’s needs and lifestyle preferences. The base package includes lighting control, smart thermostats, a 2N security system, and voice control. Should owners wish to expand the smart solutions in their home, then there are a variety of upgrade packages to choose from. 

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