Integrating the best in smart space technology in Iceland and beyond

Through decades of experience and working with only the best in home automation products, we bring ease, comfort, and fun to your life. We’ve brought smart home solutions to luxurious apartments in Reykjavik and stunning oceanside villas. Let us be your guide to creating the smart home of your dreams. Our commitment to high-end design, attention to detail, and aftercare support ensures that you have the smart home you’ve always wanted.

  • Design


    From the very beginning of your journey, we work with you and your design team to ensure your home’s specific design blends easily with your new technology. Smart technology is often discreet and serves to enhance the design of your space.
  • Build


    We work hand-in-hand with your builder, architect, and designer to install your technology the right way. Constant communication ensures you and your team are always in the loop.
  • Support


    Get peace of mind knowing that we’re there to support you and your home. Our proven smart home support services keep your home running smoothly and ensure that your home is cyber secure.
Our Process

Poolhouse Retreat

A smart vacation home with a high-tech difference

Nestled in the remote region of southern Iceland sits a luxurious vacation home. Located in Icelandic wilderness, this vacation home features an impressive pool, two outdoor hot tubs, sauna, and home gym, all laid against a beautiful Icelandic backdrop. An escape from the excitement of city life, this smart vacation home maximizes relaxation and personalization for every visitor.

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Condos with an IQ

At Austurhöfn, every home is a smart home

Located in Reykjavik’s historic Old Harbor, Austurhöfn offers more than 70 classically designed homes. Featuring sweeping views of the bay and the center of Iceland’s capital city, Austurhöfn sets a new standard of luxury living. An exciting collaboration between multiple teams across the US, UK, and Iceland provided a myriad of smart space packages and options for tenants. Our home automation in Iceland team can work almost anywhere in the world.

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Modern Masterpiece

Smart technology solutions as stunning as the seaside views

Scandinavian homes are well-known for their open-concept interior design and use of glass to provide natural light and a clean, cohesive design narrative, and this home is no exception. What makes this home unique though, is the smart technology solutions integrated throughout the entire home and how these solutions create a home experience that is reliable and makes life easier.

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Home Diagram
Audio Visual Climate Door Entry Motorized Shades and Drapes Wifi Cyber Security Smart Lighting

Audio Visual

Speakers hidden inside walls. Smart TVs that respond to your every command. Our AV solutions ensure you enjoy your home's entertainment features to the fullest.


Smart climate control allows you to maintain control of your home's temperature from any location. With the ability to learn your routines and even integrate with your home's shades, smart climate controls optimize your home's energy efficiency, saving you money.

Door Entry

Smart entry systems ensure your home is secure not just digitally, but physically as well. Protect your home and control it's access from anywhere, at any time.

Motorized Shades and Drapes

Open your home to the world every morning and let the sun wake you naturally. Close your shades at the touch of a button to bring privacy to your home in the evening. 


Utilizing trusted technologies such as Cisco Meraki we design home networks with access points that span your entire home, ensuring that you and your devices are always connected.

Cyber Security

While most consider cyber security a workplace issue, the transition to working at home and the rise in IoT devices have made cyber security a crucial aspect of any connected home.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting opens the door to unparalleled convenience and the ability to replicate the natural light of the sun throughout your home.

What makes a Nordic Smart Space?

Anyone can buy a smart light bulb or a security system for their space. What makes Nordic Smart Spaces unique is our ability to tie lighting, shades, security, AV, HVAC, and more together into one system. A truly smart home is designed to improve and simplify your life at every turn. Personalized experiences at the touch of a button bring convenience and control to your home in ways you never thought possible. Open the door to endless possibilities with smart home automation in Iceland.

Collaboration is key to success in every project

In every project we undertake, collaboration is at the heart of every decision made. Whether we’re working with the homeowner directly or the architect, designer, or builder, we make sure everyone is involved in the smart home integration process, no matter how simple or complex.


Nordic Smart Spaces has collaborated with the most renowned architects in Iceland to bring smart home solutions to homes, luxury apartments, and commercial buildings. Architects spend months, often years, perfecting designs, so the technology we bring needs to support their design, not infringe on it. By working in close collaboration, we help architects execute their visions with minimal interference and maximum reliability.

  • Network solutions
  • Lighting and shades
  • Whole home audio
  • Security systems

Interior Designers

Smart homes offer a whole new toolbox for interior designers to play with. When the home you’re designing contains beautiful lighting pieces and a specific aesthetic, the last thing you want to be installed are cheap switches. Luxurious keypads from Basalte and Lutron are just some of the ways we enhance the design of a space. The tools expand even further with conference room AV solutions, window treatments, and security systems to enhance the design narrative of any home.

  • Custom keypads
  • Personalized design
  • Invisible options
  • Lighting & shade control

Custom Builders

The most important things we offer our builder partners are reliability and project management. We work directly with the builders to ensure communication is clear at every step and our interference is minimal. Our detailed plans and capturing of spaces before, during, and after every project keep everyone working in cohesion with no one left out of the picture. We provide long-term support for every home we integrate, so in the event something goes wrong in the future, we’re there to fix it.

  • Construction-ready plans
  • Electrical & cooling requirements
  • Component rack drawings
  • Dedicated project managers
  • Nordic Smart Spaces has delivered on every request - every detail considered so that my smart home feels like it's part of my daily life. They can make changes remotely and even answer my IT questions. It's great to have their team to help me with my tech every step of the way. - Bjorg B.

Smart home services

  • Smart Lighting

    Smart Lighting

    Imitate the light of the sun, set schedules, and personalize your home's lighting to fit any mood or activity.
  • Window Treatments

    Window Treatments

    Sleep naturally and block out the midnight sun with automated shades and drapery.
  • Security


    Keep your home safe from unwelcome intruders and control access to your home from any place, at any time.
  • Home Theater

    Home Theater

    Experience the feeling of cinema from the comfort of your home. Home theaters show films the way they were designed to be seen.
  • Climate Control

    Climate Control

    Make your home eco-friendly with smart thermostats. Smart climate solutions give you control of your home while making your life simpler at the same time.
  • Smart Home Support

    Smart Home Support

    Keep your home working the way you expect it to with proven smart home support and aftercare services from our friendly and professional team.