Nordic Smart Spaces integrates the best in smart space technology in Iceland and beyond




We install the premier brands in Iclandic smart home technology, with complete lighting, shade, audio, and TV control through easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces.



We bring high-tech to the work environment, with integrated audio and video conferencing, teleconferencing, and complete office environment control.



We are Iceland's distributor for Lutron's guestroom technology that enables easy light, temperature and shade control, bringing world-class luxury and comfort to hotels and lodges.

Capital Throne

On top of the highest residential building in Iceland, there's a penthouse with the best view of Reykjavik – 360 degrees encompassing Harpa to Hallgrimskirkja.  Nordic Smart Spaces installed a complete integrated system to control over 100 circuits of lighting, 29 motorized shades, 5 TVs, and 25 speakers, all from an iPhone.

In an article titled, "Capital Throne," the Icelandic Magazine Hús Og Híbýli (House and Home) declared this stunning project the "Best Apartment in Iceland" in 2015.  We couldn't have said it better.


Luxury with Function at the Office

Accel Partners – known as the "first investors" in Facebook – moved their European headquarters to a new space in the heart of London's Regent Street.  They desired the most high-tech of office spaces, with Sonos audio throughout the space and complete integration of video-conferencing and audio-conferencing in three different meeting rooms. Of course, being a global venture capital firm meant that the experience, technology, and design had to surpass all others. 

Our team made high expectations into reality using Savant A/V control systems, Biamp audio processors, Revolabs microphones, and Amina Invisible Speaker technology.


Modern Architecture and High Tech

Austurhöfn means the Eastern Harbor, a nod to the location of one of the most exclusive properties in a very exclusive country. Located in the heart of Reykjavik, with views that stretch into the North Atlantic, every residence in this unique and striking property includes smart home technology at its core.

Opening this year, Nordic Smart Spaces is helping make Austurhöfn the hub of modern living and design in Iceland.